New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction (NPI) plays very important role in optimizing new products time to market and time to volume production. NPI bridges the gap between prototypes and regular volume production. Trylene’s technology, engineering and manufacturing expertise helps OEMs to take new products to the market cost-effectively and timely. The process refines the manufacturing process and sets optimized parameters.

We understand customer’s expectations, requirements and vision of launching new product successfully in the market. We also provide feedback to improve product quality and manufacturability. The engagement starts from early prototype phase, focuses on pilot production runs and ends at product handover to volume production.

New Product Introduction (NPI) Strategy

  • Quick Turn RFQ Management for Pilot Production
  • Prototype Report Analysis and Refinements
  • Minimum Cycle Time for Pilot Production
  • Part Selection and Obsolesce Management
  • Alternate Part Management
  • AVL Management
  • Pilot Production Component Sourcing Support
  • Defining Assembly Time and Set up Parameters
  • Test System Development